A Day in Cabo Pulmo

Cabo Pulmo is about a 90 minute drive from my house. Following the dusty road along the coastline, north and to the east, you will run across a very different universe, filled with all kinds of animals, plant life, amazing beaches, beautiful houses, weird shacks, broken down cars, surfers, kite boarders, a gazillion waves and… total peace on earth. I love the drive to Cabo Pulmo, just as much as I love Cabo Pulmo.

A collection of wandering cows, I imagine. I’m no cow expert. They might not be cows, but they’re probably bovine in origin. Potentially delicious.

May I help you?

There are hundreds of amazing houses, built out in the middle of nowhere. People park a trailer under a thatched roof and build their visions in an otherworldly desert oasis. These homes do not have power, water, phones, internet, etc. Everything is “off-the-grid”. Solar power, water is trucked in, phone and internet is satellite, etc. These people aren’t exactly roughing it, but… it sure is different!

A horse, and… while I can’t be sure… I think that’s the donkey from Shrek!

Another beautiful horse. There are all kinds of life forms out here. I often run into a roaming school of pygmy goats. I’ve seen foxes and deer. I’ve seen all sort of birds, including oversized carrion eating buzzards! There are a lot of strange people, too! (I might be one of them…)

Parts of the road stretch up the mountain side for a different perspective. The views and interesting things to see literally never stop!

Beautiful stretches of empty beaches, totally secluded, nothing there but peaceful wonder.

I snapped a shot of a kite surfer, just as she was coming in. I saw her from the mountain and drove down to watch her, but when I got to the beach… she was coming in. Oh well …

Up another hillside, a kid on an ATV went zooming by and kicked up a bunch of dust. Oh no! My car is dirty!

Ahhhhh …. THAT feels GOOOOOoOOoOoOooooood!

Once in Cabo Pulmo, you can get a boat to go out to sea and swim, snorkel, scuba dive, check out the wild life, whale watch, etc. Here you’ll see some sea lions and a cute little bird.

This is an older shot, but I threw it in here, because it was at Cabo Pulmo on a day I went diving. This day we saw a mama humpback whale and 2 babies. This is one of the babies breaching. IT WAS AMAZING. Words cannot describe what it feels like to be in a little tiny panga, with a sea creature about 10 feet away, 3 times the size of your little row boat and 2 rambunctious little whales jumping in out out of the water. Mama whale slapping the top of the water… to say hi? HI!

May I help you?

A very thin starfish. I believe this starfish has been low carbing, too.

Fish … and coral!

I don’t know what kind of fish this is, but it’s about the size of a football and very very cool looking. I wish I had better shots of the various sea creatures I’ve seen. I’ve seen turtles, manta rays, guitar fish, all kinds of big groupers, massive schools of snapper, surreal collections of puffer fish, sea lions, eels, horse fish, crabs, ZILLIONS of jellyfish (THAT was a bad day! Jellyfish stings on the face and lips… NOT FUN!), etc. It’s a whole other world, down there!

I don’t know what these are, but there were a lot of them. This is just a tiny section of the massive cloud of these things (whatever they are).

Finding Shark Bait… WHOO HAA HAA!!

I am definitely not a photogenic dude. The fact that I hate cameras doesn’t help. I always make a face. Here I am with my friend Paulina and Brian (the boat captain) . We’d just gotten back on the beach. The end of a great dive!

This one makes me chuckle. After a big dive, we went to a little beach side taco stand, where everyone else had beers and seafood tacos. Because I’m zero carbing, I brought lunch. Here’s my unsweetened energy drink and a Ziploc container filled with chicken and cheese! After a big dive … I wanted tacos, too! 🙁 Oh well.

At the same Taco Stand … just outside was a random roaming dog and a donkey. They were clearly friends. This is me looking down at them.

Here are the dog and the donkey. The donkey kept nibbling my toes, which made me nervous. In retaliation, if you look at the donkey’s nose, you’ll see a piece of tortilla that I’d rested there. Watching the donkey try to get it was funny to me, but I don’t think the donkey agreed.

My friend Laura sitting and reading at Playa Los Arbolitos.

Click this image for a panoramic view of Playa Los Arbolitos. Pictures don’t do it justice!

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