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BBQ-Pork Bowl with Hot Link

A little while back, I posted a recipe for the real deal, low and slow, smoked pulled pork butt. Right around the same time, I'd been to a fantastic food truck in the Seattle area and had a "burrito bowl" (basically a big salad LOADED with Carnitas!).

As I was writing my notes for the pulled pork recipe, it occurred to me that a BBQ Pork Bowl seemed like a totally reasonable proposition. I even commented about it ... in the notes!

Within days of posting the original recipe, I got a haircut from Pamela Ann, a reader and follower of my nonsense. She'd just sent me a photo of the pork SHE had made, following my recipe and sent me a picture. When I set up the hair cut appointment, she promised me a plentiful pile of properly pulled pork. Wow, does she know how to get me! Pulled Pork ... for me ... is one of the very few things on life that can give bacon a run for its money.

Here's the photo Pam sent me:

After getting my hair cut, I came home with a BIG bag of amazing smoked and pulled pork. I stopped at the store and picked up some cheese, coleslaw mix and a package of hot links. I returned armed with everything I would need for my BBQ Pork Bowl.

The bowl was as tasty as you'd imagine ... and then some!

Note: After I saw the photos and showed them to a few friends, there were comments about the appearance being a bit ... "R-Rated". At the time, I was just in a hurry and threw stuff into a bowl. In retrospect, I would've split the hot link into two halves (butterfly'd it), then cooked it, and topped the split link with the goodies. More of a BBQ Pork BOAT or a BBQ Pork SPLIT than a bowl, but no less delicious. Next time! Now, get your minds out of the gutter and simply enjoy a tasty dish. I know I did! :)
Prep Time10 mins
Cook Time10 mins
Total Time20 mins
Servings: 4 Servings
Calories: 996.7725kcal
Author: DJ Foodie


  • 1 tbsp light oil (for sautéing ... such as coconut olive or ghee)
  • 4 each hot links
  • 1 1/2 lbs pulled pork
  • 1/2 cup sugar free bbq sauce
  • 1/2 cups cheddar/colby cheese blend shredded
  • 1/2 cup prepared sweet sugar-free coleslaw


  • When I make big batches of pulled pork, it's fairly common for me to pull it, chill it, then vacuum pack and freeze it. Usually when I reheat it, I defrost in the fridge, then put the amount I plan to eat into a bowl, topped with BBQ sauce and plastic wrap, poked with holes. Then, I place it in the microwave on "defrost" and slowly warm it up that way. In this case, I did it a little differently.
  • Over medium-low heat, preheat a sauté pan.
  • Add your oil to the pan. When the oil begins to ripple, add your hot links. (this can (and probably should be) done over a grill). Cook for about 5 minutes on one side.
  • Flip the hot links and begin cooking on their opposing sides. At the same time, add your pulled pork to the pan (unless you happen to have fresh hot pulled pork lying around, at which point, you can skip this step).
  • Heat up the pan, until the links and pork are all heated through (but not overcooked and dried out).
  • Place a link in a bowl, followed by a nice pile of pulled pork. Top with BBQ sauce, grated cheddar cheese and coleslaw.
  • Serve and enjoy!


Serving: 4g | Calories: 996.7725kcal | Carbohydrates: 12.75g | Protein: 61.1375g | Fat: 77.4375g | Fiber: 1.2975g