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Sausages with Stuff n' Stuff

This is another "un" recipe. It's more just a suggestion, permission or a recommendation to snack on sausages.

When reading about a low carb diet, there are many forms in which it can take. There's a zero carb diet, there are vegetarian low carbers, there are people in induction, maintenance, etc. This is something that fits within almost all of those ways (except the vegetarian low carbers, mind you).

Imagine if you were trying to eat a VERY low carb diet (less than 10 grams a day, for example) , all the steak and eggs might get a little monotonous. How many chicken breasts can one person really eat? Sausages are such a fantastic option because they come in a WIDE variety of flavors, with varying levels of carbs and fat. Some are sweet and some are spicy. They're all very quick to cook up (many are already cooked to begin with!) . They're a quick and easy way to get a snack, a meal, a component to a meal, and do it with an almost endless selection of tastes.

When purchasing sausages, always read the label. Better yet, go to your local butcher and purchase them from there! Talk to your butcher about the contents of your sausages, and make sure there are no fish lips, chicken beaks, eyeballs, fillers, added sugars, etc. Sometimes grains and fruits are added to sausages, for flavor, texture or even just to add some bulk.

I eat a lot of sausages and tend to match them to some kind of sauce. Sun-Dried Tomato Sausages I might eat with some pesto and fresh tomatoes. Hot Italian Sausages, I might eat with a Sun Dried Tomato Pesto, or with some Olive Tapenade. A Bratwurst might get eaten with some mustard!

You can pretty much ignore the nutrition on this one. It's really up to you and how you buy them and cook them. I can't predict that (try as I might!) .

In these photos, I have a two Italian Sausages, cooked in a pan, then served with Pesta alla Genovese and topped with fresh Cherry Tomatoes and Sliced Basil. Quick, easy and yum!!
Prep Time1 min
Cook Time10 mins
Total Time11 mins
Servings: 1 Servings
Author: DJ Foodie


  • 2 each Sausages!
  • 2 tsp Oil!


  • Over medium heat, pre-heat a saute pan or grill pan. Better yet, spark up the BBQ!
  • Place a small amount of oil or butter in the bottom of the pan, or brush it onto your warm grill.
  • Cook your sausages on all sides, until done.
  • Serve with a nice tasty condiment!


Serving: 1g