Taking Out the Carbage

(AKA The Big Book of Bacon)

What if You Could Lose Weight and Dramatically Change Your Life . . .

. . . by Eating Rich Ample Foods?

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  • A perfect starting point; it contains not just recipes, but the rules and know-how to get you there. Far more than an ordinary cookbook, this one is all-in-one!
  • 574 pages (a near 6 1/2 lb. (2.91 kg) behemoth!) and 226 delectable low-carb, low-glycemic, high fat recipes, with a strong focus on REAL FOODS
  • Both metric and imperial measurements, to save you headaches in the kitchen
  • An extremely detailed nutritional analysis of each recipe, broken down by ingredient, so you know exactly where your nutrients are coming from
  • A complete two-week meal plan to take some of the work out of ketogenic living, plus a secret third week and tips on how you can easily create your own meal plan
  • Ingredient lists, organized by carb count, to help guide you as you’re planning your meals
  • A little something sweet… a comprehensive look at modern sugar alternatives
  • Removable shopping lists with perforated edges for easy tearing, to save you some trouble when it’s time to restock your kitchen with nutritious ingredients
  • Easy-to-follow dietary guidelines, including which foods are okay to eat and which foods to avoid at all costs
  • A foreword by celebrity chef and good friend George Stella, an influential voice in the ketogenic & low-carb lifestyle community
  • Plenty of sound weight loss advice, including snack ideas, exercise recommendations, and effective ways to deal with cravings
  • A high-quality cookbook designed to withstand abuse in the kitchen, with a strong but flexible binding and specially-coated pages to minimize stains
  • Loads of sage wisdom (and other nonsense!) from yours truly, DJ Foodie
  • And much, MUCH more!

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Taking Out the Carbage Demonstration

Once upon a time, I was fat, sick, sad, diabetic,
and it hurt to walk.
Oh yeah, life sucked, too!

Five years ago, I was severely overweight. Obese. I weighed 352 pounds, my back hurt all the time, and my vision was beginning to fade. My quality of life was extremely poor; I was depressed and embarrassed to go out in public. I couldn’t walk more than 500 feet without having to stop and rest. On top of it all, I was worried I might have diabetes, but I was too scared to see a doctor and find out for sure. I looked terrible, and I felt even worse. I knew I needed to make a change. But HOW?

Since then, I’ve lost nearly 150 pounds. I look and feel years younger. My eyes are clearer, my skin is smoother, and I don’t always look like a hot, sweaty mess. I can DO more than before. Walking my dogs isn’t the chore it once was; in fact, I actually LIKE exercising now! Clothes fit me, and I no longer have to use seatbelt extensions. I smile more. A LOT more. What can I say? Ever since I completely turned my life around, I have a lot more to smile about!

Cutting Carbs Instead of Corners

So how did I do it? I had heard about some of the amazing health benefits of leading a low-carb lifestyle, so I decided to try it for myself. After all, my health was on a downward spiral, and I knew that if I didn’t change my habits, I would be dead soon. So I did the math, and figured out I could extend my life by TEN TIMES if I started eating right. I stopped trying silly fad “diets” and committed to changing my poisonous relationship with food permanently. I stopped binging on bags of Butterfingers and greatly reduced my intake of carbohydrates to about 30 grams of net carbs a day. And—lo and behold!—I lost weight. Fast. I lost almost 100 pounds in the first six months. And I’m confident the delicious recipes in my book can help you do the same!

Supported by Scientific Studies

Until recently, it was thought that large amounts of fat in the diet could lead to all kinds of health problems, like obesity and heart disease, and that limiting fatty foods could help with weight loss. Seems reasonable, right? This line of thinking has led to an overabundance of “low-fat” and “no-fat” products on the market. But are low-fat diets really helping anyone? Again and again, scientific studies are showing that low-carb diets are MUCH more effective in helping individuals lose weight and improve their health. A study in 2003 found that those on a low-carb diet lost nearly three times as much weight as those on a low-fat diet, and they were healthier in other key areas, as well.

How We All Got Hooked on Carbs…

Way back when, back before breads and bagels and cookies and cakes, before doughnuts and danishes, cinnamon buns and soft pretzels, the foods that we humans ate were quite a bit simpler. They were nutritious, full of vitamins and minerals. They grew on branches and vines, or on bushes, or in the ground. Back then, humans relied on their sense of taste to determine which foods were good for them and which weren’t, and a sweet taste indicated that a food was filled with helpful nutrients.

Then, we figured out we could create more of these foods by planting seeds and helping them grow. We invented agriculture, creating food surpluses that allowed us to spend less time trying not to starve and more time doing other things. But we didn’t stop there. We started drying our fruits and refining our grains. We invented beer and bread and, eventually, pastries! And our bodies continued to crave that sweet taste, even though it no longer signaled something healthy.

Since then, we’ve become more and more sedentary. This is a problem, because our bodies quickly convert carbohydrates to glucose, and if we don’t use that glucose for energy, it gets stored for future use… as fat. Sugary foods that once might have given us the energy necessary to run, jump, and climb now serve only to expand our waistlines. And over time, this can lead to some serious health complications. What a predicament we’ve gotten ourselves into!

…And What We Can Do About It

The good news is there’s something we can do about it. By limiting our intake of unnecessary carbohydrates, we can all start to lead healthier, happier lives. It’s never too late to reclaim your health! With my new book, Taking Out the Carbage (AKA The Big Book of Bacon), you can start to eat better and lose weight… and have fun doing it. We all know that cookbooks can be kind of dry and… well, boring. Just a bunch of ingredients and instructions. Not mine! I’ve done my best to make the process of cooking fun for you, from beginning to end.

“I feel the need to shout from the rooftops that another true low-carb guru has emerged with the most exciting new low-carb cookbook ever: DJ Foodie!”

~ George Stella, professional chef and Food Network host

My book is filled with 226 recipes that are just as convenient and delicious as they are healthy. Each recipe comes with a detailed nutritional analysis, broken down by ingredient. For your convenience, I’ve also included removable shopping lists and a complete two-week meal plan, not to mention snack ideas and exercise tips, so you can start making “healthy” a way of life!

Low-Carb + Primal + Ketogenic = A Healthier You

The recipes in this book aren’t just low on carbohydrates, of course. They’re also full of healthy proteins and fats from real foods, ideal for anyone leading a primal or ketogenic lifestyle. The book also includes an in-depth look at modern sugar alternatives, so you can enjoy your meal without wreaking havoc on your body. How sweet is that!? If you’ve been struggling to find ways to eat like our ancestors and still keep things interesting, this book might just be the answer to your prayers!

A Bit More About Me

Ever since I was young, I knew I wanted to be a chef (19 year old baby, in the photo!). When the other little kids around me were asked what they wanted to be when they grew up, they gave the standard answers: “Policeman!” “Fireman!” “Astronaut!” Me? I said, “Chef!” Every holiday, instead of toys, I got cookbooks and kitchen utensils… and I loved it! At age fourteen, I landed my first job at one of the best restaurants in town. And I never looked back.

I went on to graduate from the Culinary Institute of America, and I’ve worked under some of the greatest chefs on the West Coast, including Wolfgang Puck, Tom Douglas, and David and Anne Gingrass. Over the years, I hosted a food-themed Internet radio show, worked as the Manager of Special Projects at AllRecipes.com, and owned my own catering business. Food is my passion, and I’ve infused my book with that passion, along with the knowledge I’ve gained over my many years working in the food industry.

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