Thank you, Everyone! | Early Bird Black Friday Sale!

Thank you, dear readers! Without you, I wouldn’t still be here typing my random blather! Thank you for being there. Many of you going back many many years. Thank you. Thank you! You mean the world to me.

Hopefully, like me, you’re spending time with family and nearing the bone as you gnaw through a turkey drum! I know I am!

And, because I’m spending time with my family, I didn’t want to break free and work, while starting my Black Friday Sale (plus, I plan to be bloated and half-conscious in an hour or two). I’m starting my Black Friday sale early!

As soon as you receive this email, through Saturday at Midnight, EST, all combo orders (both bright, colorful, playful, informative physical books) will be slashed by a twinkle over 50%. If you’ve been waiting for your chance to grab a new set at a discounted rate, here’s your chance. This is as low as I’ve ever gone, but because of the numberous requests last year, I thought I’d give it a try. Grab ’em while they’re hot. I personally use two sets of combos for shoulder presses and four for step-ups … but that’s just me. They make fantastic gifts. I hear they’re good readin’, too!

Black Friday

For $40.00 off the combo, just plunk BLACKFRIDAY2019 into the PROMO CODE box and it’ll instantly add the discount.

Taking Out the Carbage

The Fakery

Remember, it’s just two (and a third) days. Fair warning!

To order, CLICK HERE.

… gobble gobble …


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