Happy Holidays!

First of all …

Sorry about my ice cream post! I received lots of complaints that the font was too light to read. I did not change anything and can only assume MailChimp tweaked something. If you missed it, it was a great post about ice cream (I’m actually very proud of it!). Take a look.

‘Tis the Season!

The holiday season can be an inflated and elevated time for many. It combines the joys of celebration, giving, family, social gatherings, food, drink and more with complex travel(lers), frantically busy schedules, stressful expenses, family, social gatherings, food, drink and more. It’s a wonderful time, but it can also be a lot. It can overwhelm.

It can be much muchness.

It can be very tricky to navigate these days and keep one’s way of eating on track. Some simply … don’t. They just let’er rip and plan to get back on track at 12:01am, the morning of January 1st. Others try and stay focused and determined, the whole way through … not budging an inch. I personally fall somewhere in the middle and use Christmas Eve and Christmas day as planned cheat days (rendering them non-cheat days). Even then, I try not to indulge my wildest fantasies, as a foray too far away from my standard diet tends to wreak havoc on my system, ending in days of murky cloudy thoughts and massive cravings. Some of the time it’s worth it, but … generally, it’s not.

In any event, my last few blog posts have been these massive posts. I’m just going to keep this one simple. The holiday season impacts us all in a variety of ways. There’s no real way I know of to truly work my nonsense into your holiday experience. The best I can do is share LOTS of great information, then punctuate it with some of my very own recipes!

Holiday Recipe Round-Up Round-Up!

In the blogging world, there’s something called a Round-Up. It’s when bloggers collect multiple recipes surrounding a specific topic. It’s a great way to share tons of focused recipes, quickly. Plus, people seem to love lists!

For anyone looking for holiday recipes, look no further than this list. It contains hundreds of specific, directed and trustworthy holiday recipes. Welcome to my holiday Round-Up Round-Up!

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Even more …

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Finally, I realize that Thanksgiving was last month, but a lot of the same foods are served. Take a look at my Thanksgiving post to get a few more ideas.

And … now 4 new recipes!

Butternut Squash Griddlecakes with Bacon-Thyme Sour Cream

These wonderful little winter griddlecakes would make a nice small breakfast (they reheat extraordinarily well!), but also serve as an excellent side for any winter meal, especially a holiday gathering. The pecans add a nice texture and the bacon-thyme sour cream lend some salt, fat, a touch of smoke and… More >

Butternut Squash Griddlecakes with Bacon-Thyme Sour Cream

Red Beet and Wine Drunken Cabbage

One of my favorite things to do is to tickle the taboo. I get emails and comments from people all the time saying things like “pineapple isn’t low-carb!” and “carrots aren’t keto!”. I would never want to swap someone away from something that’s working for them. If avoiding even a… More >

Red Beet and Wine Drunken Cabbage

Pasty Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin Stuffed with Pears, Spinach and Parmesan

This is two pork tenderloins (like pork filet mignon), split lengthwise (butterfly-style), and opened up like a book. Both sides were seasoned with salt and pepper. Then, they were laid, side-by-side, on a lattice patterned sheet of bacon. From there, they were stuffed with freshly cooked spinach, slices of raw… More >

Pasty Bacon Wrapped Pork Tenderloin Stuffed with Pears, Spinach and Parmesan

Cinnamon-Orange Cranberry Goo

I’ve got a variety of berries in my freezer. It’s not uncommon for me to pull out a handful of one or more, throw them in a small pot and put them over low heat with a lid. They quickly defrost and soften, at which point I perform some coarse… More >

Cinnamon-Orange Cranberry Goo

……… Coming Soon!

Holiday Gathering

Holiday Gathering

Holiday Gathering

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Holiday Gathering

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