Thanksgiving Recipes and … Writing a Book!


Before I get into the meat of this blog post, I want to point out to everyone that I’m doing my second giveaway!

Like last time, I created two different packages for everyone: a “Bacon” package and a “Chocolate” package. I was VERY curious which would win. It was close. TOO close! I had to hold my breath as I tallied the votes. Bacon won … by a snout!

In the “Chocolate” package, one of the offerings was the “Art of Healthy Eating: Sweets” book, by my co-author on the Low Carbing Amongst Friends team, Maria Emmerich. A significant percentage of the people voting for the Chocolate package voted on it, simply because of that one book! So, even though it’s not a bacon oriented book, I chose to throw it on the pile of thick-cut, double crispity bacon!

I’ve had chocolate coated bacon, my friends … and it’s wonderful!

It costs you nothing to enter. If you haven’t already, be sure to enter. will be picking the winner at midnight, November 30th. I’ll email the winner, from there. Good luck to you all!

Writing a Book

Some of you may have noticed I’ve slowed a bit on my blog and recipe output. It’s not that I’m working less, I’ve just got more emails to respond to. Also … I’m writing a book!

I’ve noticed many of my contemporaries have released books within the past year. Several of them are putting out SECOND books, and even THIRD books! Nary a day goes by when I’m not asked where MY book is. I’m actually starting to feel a bit weird about it! Like … what’s my malfunction? Where IS my book? I’d like to know, too!

“DJ, do you have a book? “
“DJ, do you have a shopping list?”
“DJ, what should I eat?”
“DJ, how many carbs should I eat?”
“DJ, do you have a meal plan?”
“DJ, what’s the best sugar replacement?”
“DJ, do you have a recipe for chicken and dumplings?”
“Yo, Foodstuff, what up with Flax, yo?!”

I LOVE responding to all of these questions and being there for people, but at some point, it’s going to become impossible to answer them all. So, if I put it into a book … then I can just suggest that! All the answers, in one tight and well organized place! A perfect plan!

THEN, I can get back into my usual blogging groove, where I actually prefer and enjoy the ongoing interaction!

All I know is … that right now … the time has come! It’s time. I know of no other way to explain it, other than to say … the time has come. For about the past month, I’ve been very focused on it. I want to become even MORE focused!

My plan is to literally lock myself in a room with a computer and work tirelessly until it’s done. My goal is mid-December; about 28 days from now. The GOOD news is … it’s already about half written. The BAD news is … it’s only about half written!

Between now and then, it is my plan to do my best to keep the blog rolling, my Facebook page filled with tasty recipes and interesting information, but … I will be a bit distant. Close … available … but less … “immediate”.

This book is ENORMOUSLY important to me, and based on the number of inquiries … it’s important to you, too!

Wish me luck!

Thanksgiving Roundup ROUNDUP!

Because I’ve been spending time on the book, I’ve given up on my attempt to put together a lavish Thanksgiving Dinner. (That’s a tiny white lie, actually. … I DID actually cook it, and have the photos to prove it, but … no time to write the recipes!) Bleh. I’ll save ’em for next year!

However, I don’t want to keep everyone hanging. I know one common trend amongst bloggers is the concept of the “Roundup”. A blogger will venture to other like-minded blogs to collect a variety of ideas surrounding a theme or topic, aggregate them into full and colorful lists and send them out! It’s a great and easy way to share a lot of ideas, all at once. Plus, people tend to love them, because … it’s a lot of great ideas … all at once!

I thought about doing a Thanksgiving Roundup, but … because I knew I’d cooked a delicious meal, that this would be enough. It was my plan to share those recipes … but … the flake that I am … and now that we’re a week away … I need to do SOMETHING, right? … But … a roundup? Yes!

Well … Sorta. I’m going to do one better!

Because I know roundups are so popular, I’m going to do a Thanksgiving Roundup ROUNDUP! WHEEE!!!

I’m going to link to a variety of different roundups. Because I know family gatherings can be tough, I want to offer a massively wide array of options from low-carb, to Paleo, to regular and traditional, to vegetarian, to just desserts. By doing this, it should present each of you with literally hundreds of ideas!

And … we’re off!


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Traditional Real Food Thanksgiving Recipes

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20 Gluten-Free Vegetarian Thanksgiving Side Dishes

40 Gluten-Free Pumpkin Pie Recipes!

More pie! (Just regular ol’ pies!)

All Cranberries!

Have a Safe and Happy Thanksgiving!

Gobble Gobble!

~ DJ

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  1. Donna, believe it or not … we share the same birthday! November 30th will be the 11th anniversary of my 29th birthday! I wish you luck in the giveaway. I agree. Bacon? Best present, ever!!! 🙂

  2. DJ thanks so much for the shot out and congrats on your upcoming book. I’m happy to share it and do a review/giveaway when it’s out 🙂 Happy Thanksgiving!


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