Black Friday Wishlist, plus Free Shipping!

Holiday Gift Guide

Black Friday is the day following Thanksgiving, in the United States. It’s the day that marks the beginning of the official shopping season for the holidays.

Gift giving is always challenging, as you want to give something meaningful to the recipient, but time, stresses, finances, etc. can often be a barrier towards giving that one true perfect item. Oftentimes, it’s just a fun homemade gift like Cocoa-in-a-Jar Mixes or a handmade picture frame, etc. The idea is to give something personal (or useful, like socks [booo…]), which… can be tough!

I know when I’m doing my shopping, I Google the Dickins out of Google and read through endless lists of “what to buy Mom who has everything”, “what to buy middle-aged programmer brother who won’t admit he’s kinda nerdy”, etc. Each of those searches results in list after list of a combination of interesting things, plus the same things, over and over again. This is a lot like how I plan my menus or topics that I cover on this here blog. I search, I rummage, I look around and absorb information and inspiration. I typically am not looking for a specific thing, so much as something to stoke the fires of creativity.

So! Here’s a bit of a contribution to that process. And, because I have only my specific viewpoint (single middle-aged well-trained food-blogger-dude who freely admits he’s kinda nerdy and kinda has all the toys) I tapped my long-time friend and heavy lifter around here, Beatrix Bit (who you may have read about in The Fakery). I’m really confident in the kitchen. I have ALL the toys, ingredients and knowledge. While she’s cut her weight in about half with her new dietary choices, she’s still very much learning and growing. She represents the flipside. Bea will think of all the things I would never consider… because I’m me! What follows is a nice complement to my list to come!

The goal is to offer a wide variety of ideas, from both perspectives, covering a combination of needs, wants and… shooting for the stars. This should help y’all whittle into something fun, useful, helpful or inspirational for cousins, fathers, wives, mothers, bros and daughters.

Super Mega Plug

Obviously, it’s my long-held belief that the single most perfect gift for anyone would be one of my books. They’re useful, pretty to look at, enormously informative, imminently fun to read and a perfect match for anyone needing a healthier diet.


So, between now (early Friday [the 23rd] morning) to midnight on Sunday (11:59pm PST Nov. 25th, 2018), you can pick up a copy of Taking Out the Carbage or the Combo and gain FREE SHIPPING!

If you’d like to take advantage of this offer, at checkout, simply add the discount code: BRINGHOMEBACON

The books will hit the mail on Monday!

So, now that you’ve grabbed a copy for each of your extended relatives, let’s get to the list. Bea, take it away!

Bea’s Wishlist & Gift Guide

Bea Bit

Hi, I’m Beatrix Bit, DJ Foodie’s assistant, side kick, apprentice and friend. I help out with all things DJ Foodie and I live the Low Carb life, successfully and happily. I’m in my forties, a single mom, and just a happy-go-lucky kinda girl.

I don’t really expect any gifts for Christmas anymore, it just happens when you grow up I suppose, but I’m also a bit of a dreamer and have always had plenty of Christmas spirit!

So, I decided to come up with my very own Christmas Wish List, a girl can dream!

Totally Doable Gifts


I’ve always wanted to try Monk Fruit Sweetener. I’ve heard great things about Lakanto.

It sounds good and is low-carb, of course!

powdered erythritol

I also really want some powdered erythritol to have in my pantry for all my baking needs.

And while we’re at it, some other great ingredients I’d love to have in my pantry are…

Psyllium  Husk Powder

Psyllium Husk Powder

Almond  Meal

Almond Meal

Swerve Sweetener

Swerve Sweetener

good  ol' stainless steel kitchen tongs

On another note, I’ve cooked with DJ Foodie before and he has all the necessities. One simple thing that he has that I know I NEED in my kitchen, is a set of good ol’ stainless steel kitchen tongs. You never really think you need them, until you need them, or until you’ve used someone else’s and you think, WHY don’t I have these?

parchment paper

Another really useful thing to have, that many recipes ask you to use and maybe not everyone has is parchment paper, which again, I didn’t know I needed until I met DJ Foodie!
I always love everything to be organic and unbleached and as natural as possible. So, these look good to me.

For a very NICE gift!

sauté pan

I used to have this awesome ceramic sauté pan, that I just loved, but when I moved it got lost in the shuffle. Now, I wish for a new one. I chose this one because it’s a good size, the double handle seems like it would be very functional and the price seemed right!

silicone molds

Another DJ Foodie “envy” item is the silicone baking pan. DJ Foodie has all sorts of shapes and sizes. Those silicone molds are easy to use and stuff doesn’t stick. I borrowed one of his and had to give it back. Now I refuse to bake in anything else. Sadly, that means I haven’t been baking… ??

But someone can make me very happy with a set of these!

spice grinder

So have you read The Fakery yet? If you have, you know one money saving trick is to grind your own nut flours. It’s really easy IF you have the gadget required.

I know I’ll bake more, if it’s slightly cheaper and I have this. Please, Santa. Please!!!!

mandolin slicer

Another super useful gadget for the kitchen, that of course I don’t have and should, is a mandolin slicer.

I’m sure I need one. My mom has one and it’s COOL, she even made me sweet potato chips, because yes, she’s a pretty nice mom and she loves her kitchen toys!

Big Ticket Items

electric spriralizer

I just KNOW I’d make more zucchini noodles if I had an electric spriralizer, wouldn’t you?

Mealthy MultiPot

Okay, so I REALLY want a Slow Cooker, because I need to be able to leave something in the morning and get home to a cooked meal. But then I heard about this Insta Pot thingy. NINE gadgets in one, including the slow cooker? I can even make yogurt in there? YES PLEASE!!!!

Air Fryer

I don’t know if I NEED an Air Fryer, I’ve never actually tried one, but it sounds AMAZING and I definitely WANT one. Since I don’t really know very much about these, I just went for the one that seems like it’s the top of the line.

I mean why not, it IS a WISH list after all. I definitely wish for this! ??

If Santa Were a Billionaire

Infrared Burner Gas Grill

I am the OPPOSITE of a grill master, but I would become one with this thing. I mean look at this beauty. I want it. Mostly I want my boyfriend ,or my friend who IS a grill master, DJ Foodie to use it, but hey, I’ll grill with one of these babies!

Last, but not least…

Peace on Earth

I wish for this every year and really it doesn’t cost a thing. This might be as close as I can get this year.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts, Bea! I’ll share my own list in a few days. For now … let the shopping begin!

Linking Note: These are all affiliate links (well, mostly). “DJ Foodie” will scoop up a few pennies if you make a purchase through these links. The thoughts and ideas are 100% Bea’s, though. The content is designed to be useful and helpful during the holiday season. Finally, with the entire scope of Amazon’s offerings, there’s no need to lean towards or recommend any one product… unless it’s awesome!

This content would not be presented any differently, if the affiliate links were removed.

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