I wish you all the very best Holiday Season.

Santa Foodie is hard at work, working on delivering newer and bigger and better recipes for all the good boys and girls!

Because I know you want to be with your loved ones … Quickly, here are some coming attractions for 2013!

Coming Attractions

Sausage Stuffed Mushrooms

Shrimp Cocktail

Vietnamese Hot Wings with Dipping Sauce

Recipes are still in development, but … I’ll have ’em to you next week. 7 fresh recipes, in fact, EVERY WEEK!

This Week’s recipes …

Finally, here’s a batch of great “stationary” recipes that you can use for New Year’s Eve! Check out that Seven Layer Dip!

Now … stop playing with your computer and … go be with your loved ones!



~ Santa Foodie

ALL NEW Weekly Recipes!

Seven Layer Dip
This dip is the mother load of dips. The Queen Behemoth. The big bad baddy of all dips. This is the dip that all other lesser dips aspire to be. If a dip were to come alive and take over the world … this would be that dip. This is the dip to end all dips. This dip is … THE dip.

What I love about this dip is … how appropriate it really is for low carbing! It’s full of ground meat, cheese, and sour cream. Sure, the guacamole, salsa and beans have some carbs, but not much … especially if you make it with my “refried” beans recipe!

“Refried” Beans
These “refried” beans taste … like refried beans!

I don’t know why I resisted these black soy beans for so long. They just seemed so … odd and foreign to me. Plus, I’d sort of written “beans” out of my life, so … these things were definitely a source of puzzlement. Finally … after about a year of knowing about them, but … fearing them … I saw a can of them at the grocery store on a visit to the States. I pick ’em up, threw them in my suitcase, flew down to Mexico and … made chili! It was YUM!

Pancetta Crisps with Goats Cheese, Oranges, Pecans and Thyme
These things were tasty! Often times when I see something like this … so dainty and delicately arranged, it tends to lose its soul. It tends to taste a bit like nothing, with a mild “plastic-y” vibe to it.

This one, on the other hand, was REALLY excellent! I can usually tell how good something is, by how quickly it gets eaten when I’m doing a photo shoot. The things I give away are good, but not my favorites. The things I save for myself are wonderful and usually good for refrigeration or freezing. The things that simply … “disappear” … without even getting to that point where I ask myself I whether I should try and save it, or find a friend … THOSE things are the one I KNOW are good.

Baked Low Carb Tortilla Chips
This is one of those Frankenfood type ideas, riddled with stuff you probably shouldn’t eat if you’re really trying to lose weight. However, if you’re maintaining and don’t have issues with gluten, and you’re short on time and need a chippy crunch to go along with your salsa … this SUPER easy idea is within reach!
It’s always a bit tricky when you run a blog and you write recipes you know are in demand, or will be used in other areas, but … you’re not a big fan of them, yourself. As I understand it, my guacamole is delicious, but … avocados are one of the very few things that I simply don’t love. I don’t know why! I appreciate them. I understand them. I’ve eaten hundreds of them, I’m sure. I just … don’t … get it.
Kickin’ Orange Marinated Olives
These olives take a little extra foresight, but they’re a really pleasant and attractive twist to … a bowl of olives.

These are perfect for any gathering. Just set out a bowl of them and people will pick and choose as the event progresses. The key component and … strangely … one of the most important aspects of the dish … is in offering a small bowl or some other kind of “olive pit receptacle” … otherwise you’re likely to find weird little lumps all over your floor!

Salsa Mexicana
Use the best, freshest ingredients. Also, use a sharp knife when cutting your onions and garlic, so that they don’t bleed and oxidize, giving that weird “old onion” taste. Fresh, sweet vibrant onions and garlic really help make this a tasty little salsa. I also DO somewhat cut back on the onions, because … onions are pretty carby. There’s just enough there, so that you know they’re there, but without loading this with extra unnecessary carbs. For me, the big thing is fresh lime juice, a speckle of sweetener and enough salt to kick the lime juice’s tarty nature … right in the tail.

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