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Hi all!

I’ve received quite a few emails and social media questions wondering if I’m still alive.  I am.  So sorry! 

Yep!  Totally alive!  All is good.

I’ve been working on my upcoming cookbook, which … has been interesting, to say the least!  The world was a very different place when I concocted this crazy Italian idea.  The concept, menu and photos were all shot mere seconds prior to the pandemic taking root. 

I, DJ Foodie, have always prided myself on peppy, poppy, effervescent writing.  However, about 10 months ago, a dark cloud began to loom.  Digging in and tapping into my informed inner clown has been tough.  I hate to say it, especially to y’all, but… anything other than this incredibly true truth would be… untrue!

So, I’ve made a bit of a pact with myself.  I’m going to blog again, no matter what.  It may start off a bit blurry, but… pure perfection right out of the gate is too monumental a task. I’ve decided not to hold myself to it.  I’m ok with starting “anywhere”, provided I start.  Interestingly, one of my big motivations behind this was in reading one of my most oldiest posts, entitled “How do you drain a lake?” 

Answer?  One drop at a time…

Somehow it was just what I needed to read!

So, I’m going to start simple, with a ludicrously simple recipe.  It’s just a side dish, but it includes some tips on sautéing and working with a hot pan, vs. “steaming” or “sweating” your goodies in said pan.

My point?  My point is… sometimes it’s just better to start, than to wait for the perfect moment.  If you’ve been itching to start a project, a plan or concoct kind of scheme, don’t wait!  Join me in rolling down the path towards a bright blurry future. Let’s get rolling!

Progress, not perfection.

Lemon-Thyme Zucchini

This is such a quick and simple little side dish.  This approach also forms the foundation for a wide variety of dishes I make at home, in large part, warm salads.

The technique:

Pre-heat a large sauté pan, over high heat.  The wider, the … More >

Lemon-Thyme Zucchini

A Look Back …

While I’m at it, here are two older favorite sides of mine!

Stir-Fried Sesame Green Beans and Mushrooms

This recipe makes certain assumptions. It assumes you have frozen blanched green beans and cooked mushrooms. It’s also intended to be wicked fast and a nice little side dish. Throw a piece of fish on this and it’ll be an outstanding little dinner! Green Beans: To get to the point… More >

Sesame Fried Green Beans and Mushrooms

Simple Buttery Brussels Sprouts

This dish is about as basic and simple as can be, but with what may be an unclear twist. I’m unsure. It’s a very technical approach to cooking these things, and probably only ever really done like this in restaurants. However, it’s a fantastic way to do it. You’ll get a sweet and… More >

Simple Buttery Brussels Sprouts

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3 thoughts on “Side Dish Ideas n’ Stuff!”

  1. I was sooo happy to see your email in my inbox Ü I think a little at a time is an awesome start and a great place to be ♥ Looking forward to your posts without any expectations…..except that my brussel sprouts look as good as your’s do when I make that recipe Ü Take care!!

  2. Yea…I needed to hear from you today DJ Foodie! So glad you are well, and great to hear from you during this crazy time! Starting back slow is always the best. I went back and read your story just now – you are an inspiration. Still not sure how you managed to lose like you did in such a short time. I want to get back to the low-carb lifestyle and lose some poundage, and FEEL better. Looking forward to the new cookbook! I have the other two. As you start blogging and sharing a recipe here and there, can you use a symbol of some kind to denote if they are in one or the other cookbooks? (Unless they are all new – in which case never mind – and I meant no offense). That would be helpful – then we will know whether we have it already or need to print it, if it is new. Glad to be back in touch!

  3. This is the way. (grogu quote!)

    You’re right, just starting… needed to hear that from someone else just about now. And I’m delving into both your cookbooks. Yes, I’m a fan.

    Virtual hugs and high spatulas, from a fellow cook.


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