Super Bowl Recipes! (and a Crusty Pork Chop)

Super Bowl Recipes!

First, let me say that I’m not a soccer fan. I never have been. I grew up in a computer geek household, where sporting events never even entered the equation. I only know the Super Bowl is this weekend, because … so many have asked me what they should prepare!

Unfortunately, due to my detachment from the All American Past Time, I was unprepared to offer anything specific. No helmets filled with guacamole and no sugar-free oblong chocolate balls with white vanilla laces. Maybe next year!

However, there are some great recipes on my site that could fit the bill!

Blackened Chicken Tenders

Hot and Spicy Macadamia Nuts

Fiery Hot Pork Skewers!

Check out the rest of my appetizer recipes to pick and choose!

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Also, here are some other great ideas floating around out there:

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Who knows … after the game is over and they take the hoop down for the day … you can fry up some Crusty Pork Chops and serve ’em with Brussels Sprouts!



Flax-Mustard Seed Crusted Pork Chop

Flax-Mustard Seed Crusted Pork ChopThis one came from a random comment on my Facebook page. A woman named Tami casually tossed out that she was going to go cook up a flax crusted pork chop. For whatever reason, I wanted one … right then! I started to think about how I’d do a flax crusted pork chop and came up with this!

For one, mustard seeds are awesome. They add a little crunch, a little heat and, believe it or not, a little sweet! The flax crust helps to hold some fat to the pork chop, which can otherwise be fairly dry, with very little fat of its own. The oregano is there, just to throw one more dimension into the whole thing.

It’s actually a really simple affair, completely delicious and complements a really wide variety of dishes!

Note: Photos taken with Creamed Brussels Sprouts with Mushrooms and Bacon.


Creamed Brussel Sprouts with Mushrooms and Bacon

Creamed Brussel Sprouts with Mushrooms and BaconI love Brussels sprouts. I tend to think of them as divisive. People either love them, or they hate them, much like polka music or Larry the Cable Guy. I’m one of the ones who love these little cabbage buds!

This particular side dish recipe is for really well cooked Brussels sprouts, which have been pre-cooked (blanched and shocked).

This will essentially be fried in butter and/or bacon fat, with some baby Portobello mushrooms (known as “Crimini” mushrooms), and bacon bits.

When the whole thing is opulently divine, it’ll be finished with heavy cream and Dijon mustard, when it will cook for a moment or two longer, until the cream reduces and clings like a flavorful sludge all over the surface of the bacon laden veggies.

Smile and serve!


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  1. Dear Chef.! I believe Harbaugh will WIN this year’s Super Bowl! Remember, you read it here first. Hope this helps. Thanks for sharing your recipe for Blackened Chicken Tenders and Fiery Hot Pork Skewers! Looks great. As for me, I am not one who enjoys slaving over a hot microwave, however, I will attempt a go at these. Do you deliver?

  2. Hey, Big BIG FAN! Ok … I’ll put some money on Harbough. Which ones are they? The shirts or the skins? 😉 Glad you like the recipes. The skewers are tough to mess up. The blackened chicken is a touch more difficult. You want to burn it, but … you don’t want to BURN it! Ya know? I think you can do it! Do I deliver? Where we headed? I can usually walk from here to my TV and back. Are you on the way? 🙂


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