New Book – Coming Soon!

Howdy, Folks. I hope y’all are having a fantastic 2020!

One of the most common questions I’m asked is, “So, you ever going to write another book?” I have A LOT of ideas for different books but tend to be a bit indecisive. I want to write them all but seem unable to throw a stake in the ground and commit to just one. I usually chaffle, rattle off a few ideas, then shrug and say I’ll start writing a new one, any day.

That day has finally happened!

I’ve spent the past 4 to 5 weeks deep in a kitchen, covered with parmesan, sausage and pancetta grease. During that time, I’ve cooked and shot about 130 different recipes, furiously scribbling down notes as I wrap up each tantalizing new recipe.

I hazard to say when the book will be released, as these things always take longer than I’d like them to, but it’s happening. It’s coming. It’s going to be very real, very soon!

Here’s a bit of a teaser…

New Book - Coming Soon!

New Book - Coming Soon!

New Book - Coming Soon!

New Book - Coming Soon!

New Book - Coming Soon!

New Book - Coming Soon!

New Book - Coming Soon!

New Book - Coming Soon!

New Book - Coming Soon!

New Book - Coming Soon!

Coming soon!

In other news… Totally Special Time-Sensitive Offer!

For the next 4 days*, the best Keto bargain you’ll ever see (again)! Wink

About 6 months ago, a group of Keto/Low-Carb authors threw their cookbooks, menu plans, courses, guides and more into a pile and worked to help one another spread this massive collection of goodness to one another’s audiences. It was called the 2019 Keto Bundle. It’s great for everyeone!

Each year, the organizers put these together and try to top the previous years collection. This last one was so well received that they’re running it, again!

I know that I received loads of emails from people who had discovered it, after-the-fact. Hopefully those folks will gobble this one up in time, as it’s not easy to get us all on the same page, at the same time!

For the next 4 days, a MASSIVE, tantalizing, nutritious, fat-loving, bacon-wrapped bundle of wildly informative content is available for an insanely low price. To frame the mammoth savings, my own big book is $45.00 for a fresh copy. Granted, this is 2-years of my life, a passion project, a substantial amount of content and my baby, but… that’s still $45.00 for one (AMAZING!) book. Now compare that to the price of this bundle. A mere $39.00.

Wow, right?

Time Sensitive: This bundle is organized by about 30 different authors. It’s not easy to get us unwieldy varmints to focus on the same thing at the same time, but we all agreed to pool our resources and share this collection of books for 4 days. Then, we all disband and head off to bop back to our own unique beats. In the meantime, this is a lifechanging collection of goodies, at a ludicrous discount. You get great content at a great price. I get to be introduced to the readers of these other 30 authors. Truly a win-win all around!

By and large I stick to recipes and fun topics like Mexican Food and Google-Fu, but this one particular annual bundle is the one thing I love promoting every year. If you grabbed 2018’s, keep in mind this is all different stuff… and worth taking a new look at.

Ok, that’s all I got. Take a look to learn more!

* Expires at 11:59pm EST on Tuesday, February 4th, 2020.

2019 Keto Bundle

To date, this is the only bundle I’ve ever promoted. I do this one annually, because I truly believe it to be the best quality, at the lowest price (the total package). The previous 2 years, I’ve shared my smaller baking book, but this year the organizers convinced me to throw my monster on the heap.

Imagine that beast, PLUS another roughly $1,000 worth of books, courses and meal plans.

Each of the other authors have thrown one of their heavy hitters onto the bundle. Frankly, I’m simply thrilled to see what’s been assembled!

Order here:

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  1. can you include some recipes with Rhubarb? like chia rhubarb pudding or rhubarb crisp or whatever you like with rhubarb?




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